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Professional hair extension training from DIVERSO HAIR ACADEMY.
With us, you can sign up for Group or Individual hair extension training.
We conduct group Seminars - Trainings for hair extensions in different cities of the country. On them, we present all the extension methods, techniques and specifics, advantages and disadvantages of each of them. The seminars are held in groups of 10 - 12 students, with the aim of each one obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills and being able to apply them in their work. These trainings are held in one day and are suitable for both experienced hairdressers and novice hairdressers who want to quickly upgrade their professional knowledge and skills.
Individual hair extension training at DIVERSO HAIR ACADEMY is all you need to become one of the best specialists in this field. The trainings are two-day long and are held in the city of Sofia, with the time being tailored to the trainees. In this training, you will learn theoretically and practically all methods of hair extensions - placement and maintenance of keratin locks, loop locks, loop hair extensions, hair stitching, placement and maintenance of sticker hair, as well as many innovative hair extension methods and techniques. In addition, the training also includes useful tips related to positioning yourself as a professional on the Internet and social networks, marketing guidance and assistance in your overall development as a hair extension specialist.
All hairdressers who have undergone group or individual training at DIVERSO HAIR ACADEMY enjoy preferential conditions for working with our products, as well as a permanent opportunity for consultations with our hairdressers.
After completed training, you receive a Certificate of Completion of Hair Extension Training from DIVERSO HAIR ACADEM.
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